Energy saving tips: 6 easy tips to reduce energy bill by £370 a year | Personal Finance | Finance

Take control of the heating

With the temperature dropping in winter, people may need to switch the heating on a lot more. However, having an efficient heating system that can be controlled easily will help reduce heating bills and could help save around £75 a year.

On top of this, turning the thermostat down by just one degree can save up to £80 a year, too.

Mr Stubbins said: “Look to set the timer for moments in the day when you’re at home to avoid wasting any energy. Many companies now offer advanced smart controls for heating systems that connect to the internet. Similar to a timer, but more advanced, these can help you change timings remotely if plans change.

“Adapting to smart controls can help add autonomy to your home schedule and give you the freedom to change your settings remotely. This will help you to only use energy when it is really needed.”

Technology aside, Mr Stubbins provided an additional, low-cost tip to enhance warmth in rooms.

He said: “When you are heating your home, a cheap way to help with keeping in the warmth is to add some reflector panels behind your radiators which help spread the heat around quicker. The panels reflect heat back into the room helping you feel warmer for longer.”

Draught-proof the home

Lots of homes have unwanted gaps around doors and windows, which can result in heat escaping from the home.

However, according to Energy Saving Trust, sealing the gaps and stopping this heat from escaping could help people save around £60 a year.

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