Energy crisis: Save money on bills by showering between 10pm and 8am

Many household appliances, when used regularly, can add hundreds to an energy bill. But, fortunately, there are times in the day that are cheaper than others to use an appliance, such as a shower or a washing machine. In this way, families can save a considerable amount of money.

New research into energy tariff rates has revealed showering between 10pm and 8am is the cheapest time.

Here is how the finances break down. 

Taking a 10-minute shower uses 1.42kWh of electricity, costing a household on a standard variable tariff around 40p each time.

This means a 10-minute shower every day would cost £146 a year.

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That’s based on an 8.5KW electric shower and a unit rate of 28p.

However, if a household has an Economy 7 tariff, showering would be cheaper in the evenings.

According to Uswitch, a 10-minute shower on a time-sensitive tariff would cost just 27p – 23p cheaper than the price cap.

That’s based on the Economy 7 night rate for each unit being set at 19p.


Therefore, households could save £47.45 a year if they had an Economy 7 meter and only showered at times with cheaper energy. 

This is anywhere between 10pm and 8am, but will vary between suppliers.

Should anyone want to shower during the daytime on this metre, it would be more expensive than on a normal meter.

Showering for 10 minutes in the day would cost 42p instead of 40p.

Another way to save water is by turning off the taps when brushing your teeth. 

Six litres of water a minute can be wasted otherwise. 

When waiting for the shower to warm up, or the hot tap at the kitchen sink, why not fill a jug, or the kettle with the cold water? 

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