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Mr Johnson is coming under pressure to take further action to support Britons amid rising energy bills. A group of backbenchers have suggested Britain should axe green levies on energy bills going forward.

Doing so would mean following the lead of Germany, who ditched the taxes in order to to help families struggling.

The head of the Net Zero Scrutiny Group, Craig Mackinlay, urged the Prime Minister to follow Berlin’s lead.

The Tory MP told The Sun: “It is pure common sense on the part of the German Economics minister to announce the scrapping of environmental levies on domestic fuel bills.

“We should do the same to deliver a significant reduction here in the UK as it is a cost lever that is in the absolute control of the Government.”

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Across England, homes will see their energy bills reduced by up to £200 per year.

This comes as the Government announces £67million to upgrade insulation in homes and install low-cost clean heating.

The Government has said the money will help individuals who are most vulnerable to fuel poverty, living in off gas grid privately-owned homes.

Business and Energy Minister Lord Callanan said: “This funding will make a real difference to thousands of low-income households – saving them up to £200 a year on their energy bills through upgrades like better insulation.

“This is just the first round of the £950million funding we have committed over the next three years and will ensure we help those most in need.

“It will keep more money in people’s pockets, at the same time as making homes warmer, more comfortable and greener.”

A few weeks ago, coinciding with Ofgem’s announcement on the rising energy cap, the Government also announced further support.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has offered a rebate on council tax bills in an effort to assist struggling Britons.

Council taxpayers in England who live in properties from Bands A to D will receive a rebate of £150 from their bills in April.

This will not have to be paid back, and it is hoped this will ease the financial burden for Britons at this time.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “During the pandemic this Government has acted decisively to protect jobs and livelihoods, particularly for those on the lowest incomes.

“But we recognise the real and growing concerns people have about the cost of living – and once again we are taking action.

“We are delivering a new package of targeted support to help with the financial pressures felt by families right across the country, with additional help for those most in need.”

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