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With presidential elections just months away, Mr Macron has yet to officially declare his intention of running for a second term. One political opponent has accused the President of “hiding behind the Presidency” in a bid to push Mr Macron to declare his position.

Jordan Bardella, a member of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party, has taken to Twitter to criticise Mr Macron.

In his Tweet, Mr Bardella said: “Emmanuel Macron hides behind the presidential office so as not to officially enter the campaign.

“Let him now come out of hiding and agree to discuss his record!”

However, in an interview with ‘Voice of the North’, a French media outlet, the incumbent said he couldn’t declare himself in the running while the country is dealing with its fifth wave of Covid, and tension between Russia and Ukraine remains high.

Technically, Mr Macron has until March 4 to declare his position.

Mr Macron is being accused of delaying his announcement to run for a second term (Image: Getty)

Jodan Bardella

MEP Jordan Bardella has accused Mr Macron of hiding from his responsibilities (Image: Getty)

Speaking of his thoughts on the matter, Mr Macron said: “I want the acute phase of the epidemic and the peak of the current geopolitical crisis to be behind us.

“I cannot reasonably explain to the French that I will indulge in this important democratic time when I told them that I will be President until the end and that we have a crisis on the Ukrainian border that threatens our collective security.”

He added: “Vladimir Putin and the Americans themselves see the next few days as days of extreme importance.

“As long as the dialogue is present, it must be maintained.

“The situation has never been as tense as it is today.

“The hours we are living are decisive for the security of the entire region.”

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Marine Le Pen

Ms Le Pen is leading the polls to challenge Mr Macron (Image: Getty)

Eric Zemmour

Many believe Mr Zemmour will not make it into the second round (Image: Getty)

Mr Macron’s candidacy for a new term is no longer in doubt, but his entry into the campaign, awaited by his supporters, still raises questions.

At the beginning of January, the outgoing President expressed his desire to run again in an interview with Le Parisien, while his movement is getting into action, notably through campaign operations.

All the operational devices are ready and his teams are only waiting for the green light.

Already declaring themselves in the race is Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour and Valerie Pecresse.

The three candidates are believed to be the front runners to challenge the President, although it is widely believed Mr Zemmour will fall short in the first round.

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Valerie Pecresse

Ms Pecresse is fighting for second place with Ms Le Pen (Image: Getty)

Polls have indicated major fluctuation between Ms Le Pen and Ms Pecresse as the most credible challengers to Mr Macron.

Recent polls put Ms Len Pen just ahead of her rival Ms Pecresse.

The left-leaning socialists and communists are believed to already be out of the running prior to the race even starting.

However, according to the French press, the presidential campaign has started without Mr Macron.

The official collection of sponsorships has begun: according to the official count of the Constitutional Council, Mr Macron has already collected 105 sponsorships, far ahead of his competitors.

It is necessary to collect 500 sponsorships before March 4 to be a candidate.


Mr Macron needs 500 sponsors to secure his running (Image: Getty)

The outgoing President is leading in the polls, ahead of Ms Len Pen and Ms Pecresse.

Speaking of the ongoing Covid crisis, Mr Macron reiterated: “We must remain vigilant, because hospital pressure remains high.

“These are sometimes lost chances, a lot of stress for our compatriots.

“Those who think that the epidemic is over are wrong.

“February 16 is another step.

“Everything leads us to believe that we will be able to keep it.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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