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Elvis Presley enjoyed a long relationship with Priscilla Presley throughout the 1960s into the 1970s. Despite this, the King of Rock and Roll also spent a lot of time with other women. He met them, mostly, through his film work in Hollywood. One of the most memorable affairs he had was with Ann-Margret, who he met on Viva Las Vegas.

Long before he met up with Ann-Margret, however, he was trying to avoid getting into a serious relationship with Nancy.

Elvis’ complicated relationship was detailed in the Gary Lindberg book Letters From Elvis.

The information was revealed in private letters sent to and from Elvis. They revealed that Nancy was trying to court the King for years – despite the fact that Priscilla was always on the scene.

Nancy even arrived at the airport when Elvis returned from being stationed in Friedberg, Germany, in 1960 after his draft in the US Army came to an end.

She brought with her two linen shirts for the star. “These are from my father,” she told Elvis in front of dozens of reporters.

Although Nancy was beautiful, powerful, and incredibly famous, Elvis had a lot of fear around the Sinatra family. 

The Letters From Elvis author, Lindberg, revealed that Elvis bared all to Carmen Montez, his long-time secret spiritual adviser. 

The letter revealed it was Elvis’ hidden fear of Frank Sinatra that left him reluctant to be with Nancy.

“Elvis was increasingly fearful of the heavy-handed tactics of Frank Sinatra and his mob connections,” Lindberg revealed. “In a letter, he told Montez that he didn’t want any dalliance with Nancy because toying with Frank’s daughter seemed like playing with fire.”

Nancy would not stop, however. She continued to be a part of Elvis’ life – whether he liked it or not. They worked together in the 1968 movie Speedway. And she even threw a baby shower for Priscilla. She was involved in many aspects of his life. He quickly became fed up of it. 

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Elvis later confided in Carmen that he “regretted” his choice of “playmate” in Nancy, adding that he believed she was “particularly dangerous”.

He was “afraid of making enemies,” Carmen revealed. “Especially ones in the Mafia.”

The King’s complicated relationship was coupled with his overwrought experience with Frank.

Considering Frank was such a powerful person in the music industry, he was certainly someone Elvis did not want to irritate. And his mob connections made him a scary figure, as well.

Despite this, Sonny West – a member of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia – mused that Frank was envious of Elvis.

West said: “I’ve always felt Ol’ Blue Eyes was just a little jealous of Elvis because he dared to steal the mantle of teen idol and usurp Sinatra’s popularity.”

Elvis’ bodyguard added: “While Sinatra was the idol of millions of bobby-soxers in the 1940s, Elvis became the fold standard by which every entertainer was measured.”

Letters From Elvis is available to buy here.

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