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Before Elvis Presley was an international star he was still able to drive around his hometown, Memphis, Tennessee, and go on dates like a ​normal young adult. The singer, who was just 21-years-old at the time, was on his way to becoming the Rock and Roll icon when he met his first girlfriend, Anita Wood. Anita and Elvis were together from 1957 to 1962. Before he was shipped off to Friedberg, Germany, to serve the army, the King took his lady on a date.

Anita explained in an interview she had met Elvis at a dance party program in the town, where she caught his eye.

After asking her out, Elvis came to pick her up in his Cadillac – but he made a big mistake.

Anita was living with a woman named Miss Patty, who was acting as a mother figure to the young woman. Anita recalled: “When [Elvis] came by in his Cadillac, Elvis was driving.

​”​He sent George Klein up to the door … and Miss Patty told him that she was sorry but Elvis would have to come himself if he wanted a date.”

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Anita continued: “Anyway, Elvis came back with George​ – ​this was just after he had made ​[1957 song] ​Loving You and he wore a red velvet shirt and looked very, very handsome​ -​ I must say that he was the best looking man that I have ever seen.

“Anyway, George made the introductions to me and to Miss Patty who told them to have me back at a sensible hour or she wouldn’t​​ let me go. I went out to the Cadillac and there was Lamar and a few other guys. We just drove around laughing and talking, having a great time.”

Anita recalled that Elvis got a little hungry so stopped for “some hamburgers” before taking Anita back to Graceland.

Unfortunately, the night would go no further after he slipped up.

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Anita then revealed she went on another date with Elvis just a few nights later.

And the second date? She said: “We went up to Graceland again.

“We just went back to his house, we watched television, ate and had a good time. Then Elvis took me home.”

The pair’s relationship continued until Elvis was drafted into the United States Army in 1958.

Elvis returned to the US in 1960, after meeting Priscilla Beaulieu in Germany.

After another two years, Anita found out about Priscilla when she moved to Graceland, aged just 14-years-old.

Anita and Elvis broke up not long after, prompting his long-term relationship with Priscilla to continue.


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