Elvis Presley shared girlfriend with Steve McQueen igniting a bitter feud | Music | Entertainment

Leigh cut things off from both Elvis and McQueen after she realised she was madly in love with her original boyfriend.

Terrill said: “When you got down to it, Barbara was really in love with James [Jim] Aubrey.” What’s more, Leigh figured out that Elvis would not sacrifice the one thing she needed him to. “She knew Elvis would never give up other women,” Terrill recalled.

McQueen, equally, had some issues that Leigh could not see past.

Terrill said of McQueen and Leigh’s relationship: “She and Steve weren’t a great match.” He added: “I don’t know of Elvis and Steve meeting again after their relationships with Barbara ended.”

Three years later, in 1975, Leigh married her one and only husband, Joe Lewis, a kickboxer and actor. In 1977, they split up. Leigh has not been married since.


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