Elvis Presley: Lisa Marie’s hidden childhood message inside ‘secret drawer’ at Graceland | Music | Entertainment

Written inside was Lisa Marie’s graffiti which read, “Lisa’s home Graceland” with a smiley face.

Also within the drawer was a 1993 phonebook, which may seem quite random but the Elvis historian revealed it was owned by The King’s Aunt Delta Mae, who lived at Graceland until that very year.

She was the sister of Elvis’ father Vernon Presley who was invited to live at Graceland with the rest of the extended family when her husband died in 1966.

Even after Elvis died in 1977 and tours of his home began in 1982, Aunt Delta still lived at Graceland using her bedroom and the kitchen for the rest of her life. This meant those rooms were off-limits to the public in order to accommodate her before she died in 1993 at the age of 74.

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