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During his short 42 years, Elvis Presley married only once, to Priscilla Presley. Nine months to the day after their wedding night, The King’s only child Lisa Marie Presley was born on February 1, 1968. After their divorce in 1973, she would spend much of her school term time in Los Angeles with her mother.

Lisa Marie would then enjoy her holidays at Graceland with Elvis. The King would sleep all day and be up all night, so his daughter had free roam of the mansion with her gang of Memphis Mafia kid pals.

In interviews, the 54-year-old has described being a real “terror” during her first decade, taking advance of how unstrict her daddy was.

In the private upstairs area of the mansion, Elvis’ bedroom was right down the corridor from Lisa Marie’s room. The father and daughter would sit together there and watch TV together.

Tragically, Lisa Marie was just nine-years-old when Elvis suddenly died of a heart attack at just 42 on August 16, 1977.

Over the years, fans have wondered the reason The King decided on his daughter’s name.

During a previous fan Q&A on Facebook, Priscilla shared: “I bought a book of baby names for Elvis and I to choose from. We would lay in bed night after night looking through all the names that would sound good together.We decided that Lisa Marie was beautiful for a girl…She wasn’t named after anyone.”

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Elvis left Graceland and all its contents to Lisa Marie in his will. His father Vernon was one of the executors of his son’s estate, which was held in trust until his granddaughter was of age.

He named Priscilla to be his successor, which she became upon his death just two years late. Due to the price of running Graceland, Priscilla had the mansion opened to the public as a museum in 1982 to avoid having to sell it, which it is to this day.

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