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After Priscilla Presley graduated from high school she began spending a lot more time with Elvis Presley on the road and behind the scenes. The pair were madly in love, and would rarely be seen without one another. But Priscilla recalled their relationship was not always perfect.

She wrote about one occasion in which Elvis lost his temper and “threw her onto the bed”.

Priscilla penned the details of her relationship with Elvis in her 1985 memoir Elvis and Me.

She explained how the pair would have play fights over “who would hit the hardest”. And, on one occasion, they had just indulged in drugs she called “uppers” before starting to throw pillows at the King’s face.

With newfound excitement running through her veins, she got out of hand quickly.

Elvis was doing his best to duck out of the way of the pillows Priscilla was launching at his face, but eventually, one connected.

Elvis was not happy.

Priscilla recalled Elvis’ eyes “flashing with anger”. He screamed at her in fury: “God damn it! Not so rough. I don’t want to play with a god damn man!”

Elvis’ bride-to-be remembered: “He grabbed my arm, throwing me on the bed, and while demonstrating how hard I had thrown the pillows, he accidentally hit me in the eye.” (Via CheatSheet)

Priscilla accused Elvis of “hitting her on purpose”. He denied this.  

Elvis yelled: “You’re not a god damn man!” as she left the room to tend to her wounds.

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Elvis began calling her a “toughie” for trying to fight “like a man”.

Priscilla added that Elvis even joked about the entire ordeal with his friends. She wrote that he told his pals that he “had to show her who was boss” after she “got too tough” with him.

Despite these jovial remarks, he insisted it was an accident through and through.

Elvis profusely apologised to Priscilla, she explained, but she was never happy with how things turned out.

Despite this brief lapse of judgement, the young woman noted that they enjoyed many happy memories together.

They were later married on May 1, 1967, before divorcing in 1973.


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