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Next summer, the Elvis Presley movie biopic will hit cinemas, charting the life and career of The King of Rock and Roll. But with less than a year to go we still haven’t had our first look at Austin Butler as Elvis or Tom Hanks as his manager Colonel Tom Parker, let alone a trailer. Nevertheless, Baz himself has kicked off a weekly Elvis day when he will share pictures of The King on Mondays, so surely something to do with the movie must be around the corner?

Yesterday, Baz posted four black and white pictures of Elvis posing and performing back in the 1950s.

The last snap included Bill Black on the bass, an instrument that is now owned by Sir Paul McCartney and featured on his latest album McCartney III.

The Elvis movie director captioned the post with The King’s catchphrase: “Still taking care of business here…

“Thought we’d make Monday, Elvis Day, dropping you some favourite pics as we go through our journey.”

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Elvis fans shared their impatience for the film’s trailer in the comments underneath.

Elvisontour1972 wrote, “When can we expect the first teaser trailer?”, while mc_paully simply put, “We need a trailer.”

And tomhanks_fanpagge commented: “I hope you give us some first looks of movie soon.”

We’re already past Elvis Week in August, but maybe the first look could come as late as The King’s birthday in January? Fingers crossed it’s earlier though.

Priscilla admitted Baz has made some great movies, however, she said she was in the dark on his angle on Elvis.

The 76-year-old continued: “I just don’t know what direction he’s going to take it in. Y’know he has his own ideas. He has talked to people. So it all depends on who he’s talked to really.”

“I had nothing to do with the film…” Before joking: “No! If it is good I had everything to do with it!”

Elvis hits cinemas on June 3, 2022.

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