Elvis: Lisa Marie ‘loved to be bossy’ during Graceland childhood ‘We had damn good times’ | Music | Entertainment

Danny shared: “A male name for a Karen is a Ken, so I guess we were Kens too.”

The Memphis Mafia Kid shared how it wasn’t just Lisa Marie but all of them who wanted their own way all the time.

He continued: “Yes she was, but she was Elvis’ daughter and she was Lisa Marie. I can’t imagine her being any other way. But yeah she loved to be bossy and she was that a lot of times.

“She loved to have her way, she got it a lot of times. But again, we would try too. We all loved each other but, hell, we all wanted our own way. But it all kind of worked out. Let’s just say we knew how to work each other. We had some damn good times and they’ll always be in my heart.”

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