Elvis: Linda Thompson shares touching couple photos with King and secret baby speculation | Music | Entertainment

Elvis Presley loved many women including Linda Thompson, his major girlfriend between 1972-76. Despite the length of the relationship and the impact she had on his life, the former Miss Tennessee model didn’t make it into Baz Luhrmann’s new Elvis biopic, aside from a moment of archive footage.

As she did before the movie came out, Linda continues to share memories and photos of her time with The King. Most recently the 72-year-old marked the 50th anniversary of her first meeting with Elvis on Instagram.

She started the post: “It’s astonishing how quickly time/life moves forward! 50 years ago today July 6, 1972, I met, & fell in love at first sight with Elvis Presley. My life was changed irrevocably.”

More recently the star’s former lover shared links to other accounts on her Instagram stories that she clearly appreciates, including one full of old rumours.

Elvis had one child in Lisa Marie Presley with his only wife, Priscilla, who he divorced in 1973. After Linda broke up with The King in 1976, his last girlfriend was Ginger Alden, to who he proposed in early 1977, but died before an alleged Christmas wedding could take place.

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