Elvis exploded at Priscilla after being accused of spoiling Lisa Marie | Music | Entertainment

Billy shared: “At Graceland, she had pulled a tooth and boy she was just yelling. She run in there and she was telling her Daddy, ‘Daddy, Daddy! I pulled a tooth!’ And he said, ‘Oh that’s good Lisa. Let me see, oh yeah you’ve got a little gap there but they’re gonna come back and it’ll come back better.’

Lisa couldn’t wait and said she’d put it under her pillow as the Tooth Fairy always left her something.

The King’s cousin continued: “So she went to bed at night and Elvis went in there and got the tooth out from under there and put a 10 dollar bill or something like that. She got up the next day and she waited and waited until finally, Elvis woke up that afternoon. And she said, ‘Daddy, Daddy would you take me to the store? The Tooth Fairy has left me $10!’ And he said, ‘Oh really? That’s good baby, maybe in a little while, but let Daddy get awake.’”

Lisa then phoned her mother to tell her that the Tooth Fairy had visited and left her that amount of money. Priscilla was not happy and called Elvis to challenge him.

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