Elvis and Lisa Marie’s bedrooms: Graceland upstairs antics shared by Memphis Mafia member | Music | Entertainment

Since the singer was only awake at night, his daughter and her childhood pals in the Memphis Mafia would have full run of the house during the day and would get up to all sorts of mischief.

But there were times when they would all sneak upstairs to Lisa Marie’s room and try and get a peek inside Elvis’s bedroom too.

Answering questions on the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Danny Smith (the son of Elvis’ cousin Billy Smith), was asked: “Did you kids have to be quiet during the day when Elvis was sleeping?”

He replied: “Very seldom did we ever go upstairs and go to Lisa’s room. We did sometimes. We didn’t have to, we knew to, but going by we would go by his bedroom doors. And always we wanted to just try to slip by quietly to get to Lisa’s room. But I always, always had to try to just glance and look to see if I could see him!”

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