Eating veggies vs juicing them: A nutritionist explains what’s good for your body

A lot of us wonder whether it is good to eat vegetables raw, cook them, or have them in the form of a juice. While all have their share of pros and cons, a nutritionist explains which has better results for the body.

Nutritionist and clinical dietitian Pooja Makhija recently took to Instagram to explain how the body absorbs raw or cooked vegetables vis-a-vis vegetable juices.

Take a look.

“Most of the nutrition that vegetables contain are water-soluble vitamins. These vitamins are easily lost due to oxidation. Therefore, chopping up vegetables makes them lose some of its nutrients in the process of chopping, storing and serving and consuming it. Cooking further makes them lose some more nutrients due to oxidation and heat. Then, the process of chewing and eating also leads to a slower release of the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables,” she described.

On the other hand, when we juice the vegetables and drink them with fibre intact, “what we get is the immediate rush of instant goodness which means far more absorption of vitamins and minerals”.

Here’s how drinking fresh vegetable juice is good for you

Have a glass of vegetable juice. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Makhija explained, “When will you reach the finish line quicker – if you sprint or walk? Vegetable juice glass is like that dash to the finish line. Antioxidants get a headstart even before they reach your intestines and absorb more quickly once they do.”

*Drinking juice reduces the transit time of the vegetables in the gastric lining of the body, and this further reduces nutrient loss due to the acidic environment present there.

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*Juice increases the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals.

What kind of vegetable juice should you have?

A rainbow of vegetable juice is better which means, more vegetables compared to a single one. This increases nourishment for the body.

How much to have?

*Have at least one glass of vegetable juice every day.

What will it do to your body?

“In less than two weeks, you will notice the difference in your hair, skin, immunity, and vitality,” mentioned Makhija.

Should you ditch your vegetables and salads?

*No. Do enjoy your salads and sabzis. But make sure to have a glass of vegetable juice too every day.

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