Duplicate Products Of Reputed Companies Seized By Delhi Police, One Arrested

A police team rushed to the spot and a raid was conducted in the area of PS Bara Hindu Rao: Police.

New Delhi:

District Investigation Unit (DIU) of North District Police have recovered a huge quantity of duplicate products of reputed companies and arrested a person involved in the case, the police said.

According to Sagar Singh Kalsi, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), North District Delhi, the case has been registered under section 103/104 Trade Mark Act and 63/65 Copy Right Act on March 15 on the basis of the complaint registered by the complainant named Asraful Aalam who is Authorised Representative of Shiv Biri Co. Ltd.

Accordingly, a dedicated police team rushed to the spot and a raid was conducted in the area of PS Bara Hindu Rao, Mr Kalsi said.

During the raid, counterfeited/duplicated products of Shiv Biri Co. Ltd. and also manufacturing unit recovered from Tokri Mohalla falls under the jurisdiction of PS Bara Hindu Rao, Delhi.

The accused identified as Mallu (35), resident of Tokari Mohalla, Bara Hindu Rao, DCP added.

During interrogation, the accused Mallu disclosed that he is working for his owner Mustaq and they both used to manufacture duplicate biris (cigarette) in the name of branded companies through their labourers, Kalsi said.

The accused further disclosed that he and his associate Mustaq work together. They arrange to bring the raw material for making biris (cigarettes) such as leaves and its powder etc from various parts of West Bengal.

The accused revealed that they (he and his owner) used to arrange duplicate rappers in the printing press and later rap the Biris in duplicate cover/rapper in the name of “Shiv Biri”.

Later, they used to sell the duplicate Biris of the branded companies to the vendors of local markets and also supply the same in Kharkhoda, Haryana and other places for making easy profit.

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