Duchess of Cambridge style: Kate often recycles outfits for royal engagements

A lot of thought goes into members of the Royal Family’s outfit choices, and the brands, colours, and styles they wear often have deeper meanings and tell stories. What can Kate’s decision to re-wear her outfits tell Royal fans about her?

Personal stylist and fashion expert Samantha Harman spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Kate’s sustainable wardrobe, giving her analysis on how “thrifty” Kate is in reality, and what her fashion choices mean.

Samantha emphasises that “the royals are the best example of why what you wear matters”.

She said: “They use clothing to build and sustain relationships, convey messages and help causes they feel passionately about.

“When you’re on a world stage, how you dress is always going to be scrutinised,” Samantha added.

“It must be hard to strike a balance between representing the crown, wearing what you as an individual love, finding clothes that photograph well from all angles and being considerate of the costs.”

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Samantha went on to comment on Kate’s decision to recycle her outfits, highlighting the idea that doing this makes Kate more similar and more relatable to the public.

She said: “Kate is sometimes described as ‘thrifty’ or as ‘recycling’ an outfit when she wears the same piece of clothing twice.

“I think we need to re-look at the use of the word ‘recycle’ in these instances. She’s re-wearing a piece of clothing from her wardrobe. Isn’t that what all women do?”

Samantha continued: “However, I think it’s great she does this. She has the world’s best designers at her fingertips, she could take full advantage.

“It shows she’s mindful of public opinion and budgets, and sets a good example at a time when fast fashion is pushed on us at every waking moment.”

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Samantha gave examples of Kate’s best “thrifty” fashion decisions.

She said: “One great example is the Alexander McQueen coat dress she wore to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

“She had worn this to Princess Charlotte’s christening in 2015 and the Trooping of the Colour in 2016.

“At the time of the wedding, there was a lot of speculation as to what Kate would wear.

“At weddings, Kate tends to wear something she’s worn before, or something muted, which shows she is mindful of taking away any attention.”

Samantha said she believes that “choosing well” will make clothes last, making your fashion choices more sustainable and helping to care for the environment.

The personal stylist said: “Kate wears a lot of what I’d term ‘elevated’ high street – quality and investment pieces, but at an accessible price point.

“Think Reiss, Whistles, LK Bennett.”

Samantha referred to a Reiss knitted top that Kate wore on March 18 to visit Newham Ambulance Station in east London.

The top was a camel roll-neck number called the ‘Sophie’, and cost £95.

Samantha continued: “She [Kate] also has some pieces from Boden, which is a great brand if you’re a lover of colour and want something at a mid-range price point.

“Of course, your perception of what is budget-friendly will depend on your budget. The UK has a great high street and it is possible to buy good quality basics whatever your price point,” the personal stylist added.

Samantha said that the Duchess of Cambridge is a good example of why every woman should find a tailor.

She explained: “Kate’s outfits are always really well-fitting – her clothes look well looked after and there’s never so much as a stray hem in sight.

“As well as re-wearing items and getting them tailored, Kate appears to be conscious of the environmental impact of fashion and often wears items from ethical clothing retailers, such as Belulah.”

Kate has a number of Belulah London dresses, including the Calla Rose-Red Dress, which she wore last September to visit both a mosque and a bakery in London that had been financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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