Dressing gown tie curls: How to get curly hair using your dressing gown tie – TikTok hack

Curling your hair with a dressing gown tie is a huge trend on social media app TikTok. Users on the video-sharing app were inspired by an Instagram story posted by Love Island star Dani Dyer in summer 2020, which detailed exactly how to do this unique hair hack. Since then, regular folk have been praising the method as ‘life-changing’ and sharing their own results on TikTok. Here’s how to get curly hair using your dressing gown tie.

Almost a year of staying at home without any fancy dinner plans or nights out has probably done your hair some good.

If you’re someone who relied on straighteners and curling tongs to style your hair pre-pandemic, you’ve probably given your hair a well-needed break during the lockdowns.

Heat damage worsens straight ends and makes your hair look dry and brittle rather than moisturised and glossy, so it’s best to let your hair dry naturally or find a way to style your locks that doesn’t involve frazzling them to death.

Lucky for you, a new TikTok trend allows you to curl your hair with an unlikely item that you’ve probably already got on your person right now – your dressing gown tie.

Express.co.uk reveals how to achieve dressing gown tie curls, according to TikTok users.

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In the morning you can simply unravel the plaits to reveal beautiful, bouncy waves.

Don’t brush your hair, just comb through the curls with your fingers.

Lots of TikTokers complained that these curls don’t have much staying power, so make sure you spritz with hairspray to hold them in place all day.

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