Donald Trump lays into Joe Biden in brutal slap down over Ukraine war | World | News

Donald Trump believes US President Joe Biden has given himself “a bad hand” as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia intensifies. The former US President has told Fox News that the Russian invasion would “never ever started” If he still been in the White House. 

Mr Trump told Fox News Business: “If you remember when I was running in 2016, they all said Trump will get us into a war, right? It’s his personality he’s gonna get us in and actually now they say it was my personality that kept us out of a war.

“So I think it was you know, we had a great four years and shouldn’t have happened, what happened and but it did with the election and we have people running it.

“This what’s gone on with Ukraine should never have happened.”

Asked what President Biden need to achieve in his upcoming visit to Poland, Mr Trump added: “Well, it’s very late, the cards are laid and the cards are out, and he’s got a bad hand.


“He’s given himself a very bad hand.

“He had a very strong hand before it all started the strongest and it should have never started would have never ever started if I were president.

“I can tell you that with 100 percent certainty.

“This is horrible, this is a human tragedy, what’s going on.”

“NATO they take advantage of us doing just about everything they can and their particular trade.

“I mean on top of everything else.

“They take advantage of us on trade and they’re really telling him what they want to do not what we want to do,” added the US leader.

“So it is sad to watch this.”

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