Doing this yoga asana every morning helps improve bowel movement, stay active

Yoga is known to have innumerable health benefits, both for the body and mind. As such, a good way to kickstart the day is by doing ‘Malasana’ or the garland pose which not only helps improve bowel movement but also keeps one feeling fresh and active.

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Sharing the many benefits of this yoga asana, fitness trainer Juhi Kapoor took to Instagram and wrote: “Malasana play is my favorite morning ritual. Immediately out of bed and before hitting the bath, I spend a few minutes daily playing around with different variations of Malasana.”


How to do it?

*Stand with your feet width apart.
*Bend the knees and lower the butt to come into a squat.
*Take the upper arms inside the knees and bend the elbows to bring the palms together into anjali mudra or prayer position.
*Keep the spine straight.
*Stay in the position for five breaths. You can also move side ways by lifting your ankle on either sides.
*Come directly into a Forward Fold to exit the position.
*Complete as many reps as possible.

According to Kapoor, the yogic squat helps

*Improve bowel movement
*Kickstart the body’s digestive system
*To release emotional baggage
*To keep you fresh and active
*Boost hormonal balance and regulate period cycle

How long should you practice it for?

3-5 minutes daily

Know how to do the yogic squat right to reap the benefits of this exercise. (representative) (Photo: Pexels)


According to Kapoor, it is better to avoid in case of

*Arthritis or joint pain
*Knee injuries
*Severe back pain
*Pelvic pain

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