Daily horoscope for May 22: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The Moon will spend the day in Libra where you can search for peace, but this will also provide you with a boost to your determination. You will leave no stone un-turned today as you look to find happiness. But the Libra Moon will also offer you a sense of calm, which may have been lacking in the past few weeks.

The Moon will also trine Saturn which will give you emotional maturity.

Your serious emotions will come through today, so focus them on your love life.

But use your emotions wisely and do not get drawn into a dead end.

When the Moon trines Saturn, you will feel an increased sense of loyalty.

Use that loyalty to focus on who really deserves your time.

Mercury will also square with Neptune today.

While it is there, you may find lingering doubts coming back to the surface.

Do not feel overwhelmed by what you perceive to be your failures in life.

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Whether that is relating to your career or your love life, there will always be new opportunities.

Instead, take some of the wisdom which you have been gifted by the Moon’s and Saturn’s interaction.

Use it to think ahead about what you want, instead of regretting the past.

Horoscope Friends said: “Keep your feet on the ground and don’t believe everything you hear.

“There are forces at work that can muddle and distort.

“And it could be so easy to misunderstand or to interpret a text, email or anything else, the wrong way.

“Your motto for the day should be, ‘If in doubt, check it out.’

“There may be a tendency to fantasize and daydream, when you should be getting on with more important or even urgent things.

“On the plus side, you won’t be short of creative and imaginative ideas if you need them.”

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