Daily horoscope for January 28: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Thursday’s horoscope is firmly centred around the Full Moon in Leo – considered the most majestic sign of them all. Many astrology experts report how fitting it is to have the solar system’s most exalted planet perfectly present to pay tribute to Leo’s ruler.

Lucky gas giant Jupiter creates a Conjunction with the regal Sun early in the morning.

Conjunctions are considered to occur when a pair of planets arrive in the same sign of the zodiac.

Horoscope practitioners suggest this can result in some extremely VIP action taking place on Thursday.

This auspicious event is arguably worth making a fuss over, as something big is possibly occurring this Thursday.

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Then around this time on Thursday, Venus and Pluto form a Conjunction of their own.

This dance of theirs is a little different, as it is considered to be capable of stripping one’s desire to its bare essentials.

Many people may be required to dig deep inside themselves to make full use of the day.

Generosity is believed to be key, so a useful strategy could involve sincere introspection to understand exactly where you stand on certain issues.

Your desires are probably best understood once stripped bare.

Fortunately, the body most capable of getting to the bottom of this is planet Pluto.

This Conjunction can also culminate in love cutting straight down to the core.

As a result, expect little procrastination and illusion – meaning what you see is what you get – the real question to pose is will you take it?

In short, let your humanity radiate out from you and allow your heart’s voice to be heard.

There is an almost-unbending quality to all this – so you could do worse than following your feelings.

With so many fixed signs, such as Leo, Aquarius and Taurus – and the Venus-Pluto Conjunction, Thursday is a rare chance to maintain your position.

Relationships and agreements, in particular, carry particular gravitas at this time and these may potentially prove decisive.

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