Daily horoscope for January 27: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Wednesday’s horoscope arrives with the Moon waxing in stable star sign Cancer. In fact, Earth’s natural satellite is only one day away from Thursday’s eagerly-anticipated Leo Full Moon – the first of the year.

As a result, the middle of the working week should involve an almost-tangible sense of building energy.

You can consequently be confident in tomorrow being a particularly dramatic, exciting and energising day.

However, the Moon right now remains in sensitive star sign Cancer, meaning you should bunker-down a bit.

Wednesday kicks-off on a rather surreally-dreamy note, when our celestial orb forms a Trine with Neptune.

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Astrologers broadly recognise a Trine as a pair of planets positioned roughly 120 degrees apart.

The Cancer Moon has a reputation of generally preferring its own little safe world.

The lunar combination supposedly shuns any major drama and has an eversion with the unknown.

The best bet is, therefore, to stay safe by remaining indoors and manning your defences.

This is what Cancer likes to do best and you should feel inspired to do so during the ante meridian.

But matters intensify all-too-soon as the Moon opposes Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, as the afternoon approaches.

Love is said to run particularly deep at this time of the astrological calendar, with some controversially claiming the emotion may even feel rather threatening.

This feeling is reinforced due to the influence of love planet Venus.

This most romantic of celestial bodies creates a Conjunction with powerful Pluto.


Astrology advocates may alternatively find themselves absurdly jealous and possessive as the day turns to dusk.

Love paranoia is firmly on the menu at this time, revealing feelings you maybe were unaware you even possessed.

This may mean relationships have the power to transform you – for better or worse – on Wednesday.

Venus and Pluto stick their nose in as the day rolls to an eventual end and you can feel some powerful emotions seeping through.

Then, as the Moon Opposes Venus and Pluto, you will most likely have plenty of time to ponder your true feelings and come to some sort of a decision.

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