Daily horoscope for February 16: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Tuesday, February 16, finds the Moon remaining in Aries, meaning the weekend’s fiery, peppy energy is still lingering in the astrological atmosphere. Earth’s natural satellite then creates a Square with the dwarf planet Pluto in Capricorn.

A Square in astrology is said to reflect pressures occurring in people’s lives at certain points.

YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott believes this is a “big deal” for your horoscope.

He said: “Pluto is an outer planet and it is very much concerned with transformation and healing.

“[The planet] is in Capricorn – an Earth sign, so it is about changes in your real life.

The Moon also creates a Sextile aspect in the star sign Aquarius later on in the afternoon.

The Sextile is an astrological aspect formed when planets are two signs or approximately 60 degrees distant.

Mr Scott said: “The Sun energies you and casts its net quite widely when it is in Aquarius.

“[This combination] does not just look at your pool of experience – it looks at everything.

“You have this really wonderful experience, allowing you to see things which you would not be able to at other times of your life.”

He adds this makes Tuesday a perfect time for inventions, engineering social change and for being proactive in general.

Another important point to note with this the day is it may herald news relating to change of some description.

Mr Scott said: “Something may occur which may impact on your life. And that information may make you question your role.

“So whether you are a public or a private person, think whether this status is still suitable for you right now.

“So think about your future, where you want to live and what you want to do in the next five years.”

Planet Mercury is still in Retrograde motion until Saturday, February 20.

Mr Scott believes this is not necessarily negative as it provides an opportunity to see things a little differently.

He said: “You can think ahead. Sometimes it does serve you to plan your future a little bit.”

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