Daily horoscope: Aries to expect ‘major change’ – ‘success is within your reach’

“Do you have a health routine? This is an important discipline for you to adhere to, because of your natural tendency to dream about the future and forget about the present. In the present, you must pay attention to the adequate administering of healthy food and plenty of water. Unless you still live with your mom, your health is up to you!”

If water isn’t Aries’ first choice of drink, experts at slush company Snowshock recommended “a scrumptious slushie”, which they revealed is the most compatible drink with Aries.

They explained: “Strong-minded and delightful all year round, Aries are the slushies of the star signs. You can’t be defined by one flavour, and your varied personality represents a number of slush syrups.

“Aries are as influential as raspberry and unique as sour apple. If you see someone drinking a slushie, you’ll instantly want one – this encapsulates the innate leadership prowess of Aries.”

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