Crystals for sleep: The 8 best gems to beat insomnia

Spice Girls superstar and designer Victoria Beckham recently admitted that she relies on crystals to help her sleep, clutching them in her hands and storing them on her bedside table to reap the benefits of the ‘positive energy’. If you struggle to drift off at night, it might be worth a shot. chatted to the sleep experts at Mattress Online and crystal expert Alice Foley Fae (@alicefoleyfae on Instagram) to find out the best crystals for a good night’s slumber.


The warm golden hues of a citrine crystal reaffirm its ability to help unwind tension in the body and mind.

It is also a useful tool for those who like to work on their manifestations before bedtime, as it can reportedly boost the power of manifesting good health and promote inspiring dreams.

Some experts claimed citrine can encourage inspiring dreams and placing one under your pillow can bring you success while you sleep.


This white and black crystal is often central in the spiritual practice of meditation, an activity encouraged for those looking to calm their mind and settle down for sleep thanks to its calming properties.

Keep a howlite crystal under your pillow to begin the winding-down process and bring about inner peace if you struggle to clear your mind of the day’s worries before bed.

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For anyone who struggles to get to sleep or stay asleep, a delicate moonstone may be the perfect crystal for optimum relaxation.

Representing the light of the moon itself, this gem could help to calm a busy mind, take away negative energies, and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning by improving sleep quality.

Some experts recommended laying with a moonstone above the crown of your head while focussing on deep breathing to promote relaxation.

Black Tourmaline

Those with anxiety and insomnia may benefit greatly from sleeping with black tourmaline.

Offering spiritual protection and soaking up negative feelings, this dark coloured crystal could keep you grounded and ease stress.

Known for balancing yin-yang energies, black tourmaline stabilises and rebalances energies, aiding a night of restful sleep.


Selenite might help to rid your energy system of lower or negative frequencies, helping to send you to sleep in no time.

Alice explained: “Holding a piece of Selenite or using a Selenite wand around your aura before sleep will help prepare your body and mind for a restful sleep.”

Selenite occurs in various colours including brownish-green, brownish-yellow, and grey-white, so pick whichever one you are most drawn to.


Celestite is a brilliant choice for people who lay awake at night as a result of an overactive mind and anxiety.

It comes in a range of colours, so can pick whichever you are drawn to most.

Alice said: “Keeping Celestite near your bedside brings soothing, calming energy, while also connecting you to the Angelic realm.

“The perfect crystal for meeting your Angel guide in your dreams.”

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