Clint Eastwood ‘was intimating as hell and treated us like horses’ declares Tom Hanks | Films | Entertainment

Hanks explained: “Well, here’s the deal in other movies they make a big deal about ‘Action!’ Y’know, ‘Alright, start it up, get ready everybody we’re rolling, we’re rolling, we’re rolling…and everybody, stand by! AND… ACTION!’ That’s what most movies are like.”

Eastwood, on the other hand, would quietly raise his finger in a circle on Sully to signify “rolling” and everybody else on set would do that same thing.

The Sully star continued: “And then he’s standing right next to you and he says, ‘Okay, go ahead.’ And then you do it and maybe he’ll say, ‘Just take that again. Just do it one more time.’ And then you do it and he says, ‘Alright that’s enough of that.’ Hanks asked him what the deal was and where that came from.

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