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President Xi Jinping is ramming through power-grabs and escalating rhetoric with Taiwan as a way to distract from his own domestic crisis. Paul Monk, a leading Chinese policy expert, said that if one pays attention they can see President Xi’s regime is “floundering”. Mr Monk was the former head of the China Desk in the Australian Defence Intelligence Organisation.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, he said: “The idea that China is growing stronger every measure and that we should be quaking in our boots, is a serious misreading in my judgement of what’s actually going on with China.

“We can see if we’re paying attention, how’s he’s making missteps and that his regime is floundering.

“There is a major power struggle going on inside the CCP and it’s growing, between Xi’s cronies and the old pro-reform party members.

“They had expected an opening up and reform. Xi backed down on reform and is going in the opposite direction.”

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He continued: “That is causing rising tensions within the party.

“They’re making enemies all around their perimeter, which no sensible strategist would do.

“It is not implausible to see a scenario where Xi is removed from power.”

This comes as China grapples with price spikes and devastating energy shortages. 

Concerns over the power cuts have contributed to global investment banks cutting their forecasts for the country’s economic growth.

President Xi has already set out plans to radically reshape Chinese society – and impose his own control – as he promised in a speech in August to create a more “common prosperity” and that he planned to “adjust excessive incomes.”

At the same time, President Xi is ramping up war rhetoric with Taiwan, saying only yesterday that “reunification” with the island “must be fulfilled”

Taiwan considers itself a sovereign state, while China views it as a breakaway province.

There is also a crisis surrounding Evergrande – the world’s most indebted property developer – which continues to miss debt payments amid fears of default.

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