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The United States is planning to base more of its weapons in Australia as tensions soar with China. Chinese aggression in the South China Sea and around the world is pushing US-Australian military alliances closer together. The news comes as on Wednesday the Australian government confirmed reports it was taking delivery of more weapons to defend itself against Xi Jinping’s east Asian powerhouse as China flexes its muscles in the region and expands its military capability prompting concerns of all-out war.

Karen Andrews, Australia’s Home Affairs Minister, said: “It’s sending a very strong message that we are alert, we are not alarmed.

“But we are doing all that we can to be prepared.”

She went on to thank the USA for support during mounting fears of all-out war with China.

Ms Andrews said: “The United States is a very strong ally of Australia and we will continue to work with them.”

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But Australian Greens leader Adam Bandt issued a warning to his country over the new plans to stock up on weapons from the USA.

The MP said: “There is a real risk that if Australia just does whatever the US wants that we are leading ourselves closer to a war.

“That would be devastating.”

China’s aggression is pushing US-Australian military alliances closer together after Australia are growing increasingly concerned about China’s power in the region.  

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The uptick in weapons comes as the Biden administration insists on supporting efforts to counter a growing and aggressive China, with officials repeatedly listing competition with Beijing among their greatest strategic challenges.

Recent months have seen a massive escalation in China flexing its military and diplomatic power across the world from the South China Sea to Taiwan, to cyberattacks on western nations and genocide against Uyghur Muslims in the west of the country.

Recent weeks have seen huge threats from China towards Taiwan as concerns rise over China’s plans to possibly invade Taiwan and takeover.

China has also planted itself in countries through its Belt and Road scheme which sees poor countries such as Angola allow China to construct major infrastructure projects like roads in return for raw material mining and other extraction.


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China is also locking horns with the European Union over a trade deal that was postponed last week leading to China launching a fierce attack on the bloc accusing it of “bullying” Beijing in the style of “European imperialists”.

Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi said on Tuesday attempts by some EU member states to politicise trade issues are “not acceptable and will lead nowhere”.

He added  Beijing had been “shocked” when Brussels placed sanctions on Chinese officials following concerns over the Chinese Government’s treatment of the minority Muslim Uyghur people which the west aknowledges as a genocide.

Despite mounting evidence of human rights abuses against the minority, Mr Yi claimed Uyghur Muslims in China were not subject to persecution, concentration camps nor genocide.

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