China news: Beijing spies deported by UK after posing as journalists | World | News

The UK has sent three Chinese spies back to their homeland after they entered the country with media worker visas, according to The Telegraph. The purported spies are believed to be intelligence officers for Beijing’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) but pretended to “work for three different Chinese media agencies”, a senior Whitehall source told the news outlet.

According to the report, the officers “all set foot in the UK” within the past year.

They have not been named, but MI5 identified them and deported them back to China.

The publication added that Downing Street is set to implement new laws to prevent espionage during the upcoming parliamentary session starting May.

The report comes after experts warned China launched three spy satellites into space which are potentially being used to surveil rival countries’ naval fleets.

On Friday, January 29, three military Yaogan satellites were launched onboard a government-owned Long March 4C rocket.

The satellites were deployed once the rocket reached 680 miles above Earth’s surface.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), China’s main space contractor, said the orbital trajectory of the rockets has an inclination of 63 degrees.

This means they can reach as far as southern Alaska, and back down to an area of Earth level with the South Shetland Islands, just north of the Antarctic Peninsula.

“The US military catalogued six objects left in orbit after the Long March 4C launch.

“One of the objects is the rocket’s upper stage, and three are the Yaogan 31 satellites.

“It was not immediately clear if the two additional objects are smaller satellites launched on the same mission, or space debris.”

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