Charles and Camilla in Cornwall: The Duchess shines in turquoise

They both spoke with children as they visited Five Islands Academy School for an Eco Conference.

The pair appeared to be greeted by a group of school children and accompanying adults while they could be heard giggling and chatting to the royals.

Charles and Camilla are on the second of a three-day visit to the southwest of England and the Duchy of Cornwall.

Yesterday they were in Devon celebrating Freedom Day with no masks at Exeter Cathedral, and Camilla dazzled in the sun in her bird feather printed dress.

Today, Camilla was styled in one of her usual knee-length dresses for the occasion while she greeted young children alongside Prince Charles.

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The dress appeared to be turquoise which looked lovely on the Duchess, and nude coloured shoes to match.

The dress was printed with red, pink, white, and purple flowers and leaves, giving the Duchess a pretty spot of colour.

Camilla has been dressing in blues and greens a lot recently, with this colour symbolising femininity and calming energy.

The Duchess of Cornwall has become more of a fashion icon in recent years, with her recent colour and style choices reflecting that.

Her usual gold jewellery was also on show, with her bracelets, earrings, and necklaces shining gloriously in the sun.

Her hair and makeup were also in their usual elegant style as she was visiting the place where her royal title represents.


The Duchess could be seen later wearing her sunglasses as the weather temperatures have soared across the UK.

Her Fitbit was also on show as she will be busy performing lots of royal duties across her three-day stay in Cornwall.

But the Duchess showed no sign of tiredness as she spent the day engaging with the children and the teachers with a relaxed smile on her face.

Prince Charles looked dashing beside his wife in a beige coloured suit and smart black shoes.

The children who were greeting Their Royal Highnesses were wearing tissue paper crowns on their heads and seemed surprised the royal couple were not also wearing crowns.

One Twitter user noted: “Aw so cute! And how adorable all the little children are wondering why Prince Charles isn’t wearing his crown!”

This visit has come amid news Prince Harry will be writing a tell-all memoir, discussing his life as a former royal and all things Megxit.

But the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall appeared unbothered by the latest news out of Montecito and were carrying on with their duties as normal.

This appeared to cloud the social media conversation regarding the royal pair’s visit to Cornwall.

A social media user replied to Express Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer’s Twitter video and said: “I admire the Royal Family, but I am baffled as to why they are allowing Harry and Meghan to get away with so much?

“First it was the interview, now we’re hearing about a book? Surely it’s time to take away the titles and tell them to move on and keep quiet!”

Another simply wrote, “Lovely to see them both relaxed after the bombshell.”

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