Celebrate International Men’s Day with these top grooming kits

Whether you are a man celebrating International Men’s Day this November 19th or a woman supporting her father, brother, partner or friend, these top grooming kits are a great way to either pamper yourself or show someone how much they mean to you. Celebrate men and the many roles they play this Friday with these International Men’s Day grooming products

The Best Grooming Products for Men in 2021

  1. The Man Company Charcoal Collection

1.THE MAN COMPANY Charcoal Collection

There’s no better way to pamper yourself to get that manly glow, but with men’s grooming sets like these. The collection comes with a lemongrass and cinnamon body wash, peppermint and clove shampoo, lemongrass and eucalyptus face scrub, Ylang Ylang and argan face wash, black pepper and bergamot cleansing gel and charcoal soap bar, all with a charcoal base. Known for removing dirt and oil from pores while also exfoliating the skin, there’s a reason that charcoal products are all the rage right now!

  1. Beardo Insta Bright Face Combo

3.BEARDO Insta-Bright Face Combo

To keep your skin looking fresher and cleaner all day long, the Insta Bright Face Combo from Beardo are great grooming products for men. The combination pack includes the Activated Charcoal Facewash to remove excess dirt and oil from your skin, the Activated Charcoal Peel-Off Mask for deep cleansing that will rejuvenate your skin and the Ultraglow All-in-1 Men’s Face Lotion to nourish and moisturise the skin from within for that glow.

  1. Bombay Shaving Company Fragrance Regimen Pack

5.BOMBAY SHAVING COMPANY Fragrance Regimen Pack

This Fragrance Regimen Pack from Bombay Shaving Company simplifies men’s grooming kits by including two commonly used beauty products – face and body wash and a fragrance. The Deep Clean Face and Body Wash act as a cleansing agent to remove the skin of dirt, dead cells and oils for a softer, smoother feel. The Veleno fragrance has an enticing blend of vanilla, jasmine, cardamom, nutmeg and sandalwood that leaves an intense woody and oriental scent.

  1. The Man Company Almond Thyme Beard Box

2.THE MAN COMPANY Almond & Thyme Beard Box

This one is for the man who takes special care of his beard and ‘stache. The Almond and Thyme Beard Box comes with beard oil, beard wash, scissors and comb. One of the best formulas for beard oils for men, this one is made of completely natural ingredients, including Almond and Thyme that nourish your hair while also moisturising the skin. Thyme is also thought to slow down hair fall and may promote hair density. The face beard wash made with a similar formula will cleanse your hair from the root up without damaging or dehydrating your skin or beard.

If you prefer a more traditional approach to caring for your beard, you can put aside that electric beard trimmer for men and opt for the more old school trimming scissors and beard comb included in this pack.

  1. Bombay Shaving Company 6 Part Shaving System

6.BOMBAY SHAVING COMPANY 6-Part Shaving System

Shaving sets for men like this one from Bombay Shaving Company is a sure-fire hit amongst men. The thoughtfully curated set with 6 parts is all you need to get that cleanly-shaven look. The pre-shave scrub is there to prep your skin before the razor even touches your face. It cleans your beard and leaves it soft that will make shaving easier. Next, the shaving cream with a fresh fragrance will create a rich lather along with the shaving brush for smooth shaving and the precision safety razor with feather stainless blades, designed in Japan, will ensure an effortless shaving experience. Once you have rinsed your face, you can use the soft towel to wipe off any remaining shaving cream before applying the post-shave balm. The irritant-free balm cools and soothes the skin while rehydrating it.

  1. Beardo Beard Growth Pro Kit

4.BEARDO Don Beardos Beard Growth Pro Kit

Another men’s grooming kit that is cued to beard care, Beardo’s Beard Growth Pro Kit, is a must-have. The kit has The Irish Royale Beard Wash, Beard Activator, Hair Growth Oil and Mustache Roll-On – all the right ingredients you need for that soft, luscious beard and moustache with a thick density. What sets this kit apart from others is the Beard Activator that is a metal rolling tool with a head of 540 chromium needles that massages the skin and activates the hair follicles for a thicker beard.

  1. Bombay Shaving Company Exfoliating Bath Soaps

7.BOMBAY SHAVING COMPANY 4x1 Exfoliating Bath Soap- Pack of 4

This set of four exfoliating bath soaps is handmade and 100% natural. It’s made with natural ingredients and fragrances with nutrients that will nourish and refresh your skin so you can get that soft glow. It includes a refreshing bath soap with menthol and poppy seeds and deep cleansing bath soap with charcoal and coffee granules, both suitable to all skin types. The oil control bath soap made with tea tree extracts and oatmeal is perfect for oily or acne-prone skin, while the moisturising bath soap containing shea butter and coconut husk is excellent for dry skin.

So, go ahead and indulge in some self-care this International Men’s Day. Shop these products and more in-store or online at lifestylestores.com!

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