CBSE board exams 2022: Responses to be now marked in capitals

More than halfway through the term 1 CBSE board exams, the board has changed its directives to candidates appearing in the exams, who will now have to fill in their responses in capital letters.

In this first term, the CBSE for the first time has introduced an OMR sheet system for testing. The exams for minor subjects began last month and those for major subjects began on December 1.

Earlier, the board’s directives for the exams were for students to write small letters a, b, c or d for marking the correct response in the box given in the OMR sheets. According to the board, this has led to difficulties during evaluation, with evaluators not being able to clearly differentiate between the letters leading to more time being taken up for evaluation.

In an order to heads of all examination center schools, the board has directed that candidates mark their response with capital A,B, C or D.

Since the decision was taken in the midst of exams, centre superintendents and assistant superintendents have been directed to disseminate this information, announce the instructions and visit all classrooms during the exams to ensure that the instructions are being followed. Invigilators have also been asked to check that the responses are being given in capital letters.

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