Migrant crisis explodes as France to push for EU-wide UK treaty over Channel crossing | World | News

Macron’s rivals could ‘exploit’ migrant crisis says Dr Ehsan The French government is to take.

EU data row: Agency ordered to delete vast archive of personal data | World | News

The agency was found to have amassed much of the data unlawfully by the European.

US fires warning shots over Russia ‘lies’ hours before crucial Putin talks over Ukraine | World | News

US officials are entering their negotiations with Russia with “a sense of realism, not optimism” as White.

Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi jailed for further 4 years – What’s ex leader accused of? | World | News

Last year, power in Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – was seized by the.

US weather: 34 people rescued after being stuck on a floating chunk of ice for 90 minutes | World | News

Almost three dozen people in the Green Bay area were rescued and brought back to.

New York fire: Nineteen dead, including 9 children – ‘One of worst blazes of modern times’ | World | News

The building was engulfed in flames in the US city today, on Sunday. Along with the.

New covid strain that combines Omicron AND Delta found in Cyprus – fears over mutation | World | News

Named the ‘Deltacron’ variant, researchers discovered the new strain in Cyprus. Leondios Kostrikis, professor of.

Kazakhstan conflict explained: What sparked the protests?

PROTESTS across Kazakhstan this week have seen dozens of people killed and thousands detained. What.

Cliff collapse horror: 7 dead and over 30 injured after canyon wall falls onto motorboats

AT LEAST seven people have been killed and over 30 injured after a cliff wall.

Germany under fire over shock arrest of ‘hero general’ wanted by Russia | World | News

Gen Kaladadze briefs Ukrainian troops (Image: ) Brig-Gen Giorgi Kalandadze was declared a national hero.