France fishing news: Macron could be forced to punish UK amid Le Pen election pressure | World | News

France erupted in outrage last week when the UK rejected all but 12 out of.

TikTok ‘slap a Teacher’ craze sparks backlash against app – ‘Dangerous!’ | World | News

A recent viral “slap a teacher” trend has swept the application, causing concerned officials to.

China warns Australian relationship will ‘suffer irreparable damages’ amid Taiwan tensions | World | News

Tony Abbott, former Australian Prime Minister, arrived in Taiwan just days ago, triggering a response.

Polexit? Poland ramps up pressure on EU with landmark court ruling | World | News

“Poland … respects the applicable norms of EU law to the extent that they have.

EU news: Huge row erupts over bloc’s enlargement as VDL’s ‘insult’ called out | World | News

Von der Leyen slams ‘unacceptable’ treatment of France The European Union‘s 27 leaders promised future.

EU news: Three member states using illegal ‘shadow armies’ to push back refugees | World | News

Reports across the bloc denounced Croatia, Greece and Romania for illegally pushing back migrants at.

Pakistan earthquake: At least 15 dead after devastating tremor shakes multiple cities | World | News

The tremor shook the cities of Harnai and Shahrag in Pakistan around 3am local time,.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to Benjamin List, David MacMillan for ‘New Way of Building Molecules’

Two scientists won the Nobel Prize for chemistry Wednesday for finding an “ingenious” and environmentally.

Brexit news: EU countries hit by ‘shock’ surge in gas prices – Brussels to act | World | News

Gas prices in the UK had reached around 400p per therm earlier on Wednesday, about.

‘White House Indifferent to Islamabad’: Pak Foreign Minister’s Angry Letter to Envoy in US

Even as Pakistan has been growing closer to China in recent years with Beijing emerging.