Austrian leader Kurz quits over inquiry into corruption offences | World | News

The second term of Mr Kurz, 35, came to an abrupt end last night as.

Taliban and US hold first talks since Afghanistan withdrawal – ‘Opening a new page!’ | World | News

According to reports, the talks held in Doha discussed a number of issues from foreign.

Sebastian Kurz news: Austrian Chancellor resigns amid corruption probe | World | News

Mr Kurz stepped back from his post after he was one of ten people accused.

Lebanon hit by major power outage set to last DAYS after electricity grid ran out of fuel | World | News

The outage is due to last several days, a government official said. Supplies of diesel.

China invasion news: Tony Abbott warns Beijing could launch Taiwan war ‘very soon’ | World | News

Tony Abbott raised concerns about an imminent Chinese invasion during a speech in Taipei this.

Donald Trump’s attempt to withhold White House documents on Capitol riot overruled | World | News

Around 600 people currently face criminal charges in the US after their participation in the.

‘NOT AGAIN’ Internet erupts in fury at Instagram outage – users turn to Twitter

INSTAGRAM is down for the second time in the space of a week – provoking.

France fishing news: Macron could be forced to punish UK amid Le Pen election pressure | World | News

France erupted in outrage last week when the UK rejected all but 12 out of.

TikTok ‘slap a Teacher’ craze sparks backlash against app – ‘Dangerous!’ | World | News

A recent viral “slap a teacher” trend has swept the application, causing concerned officials to.

China warns Australian relationship will ‘suffer irreparable damages’ amid Taiwan tensions | World | News

Tony Abbott, former Australian Prime Minister, arrived in Taiwan just days ago, triggering a response.