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EY’s new blockchain platform could solve a major tax headache

TaxGrid uses a distributed ledger and zero-knowledge proof to share tax information across tax agencies,.

K-pop’s fandom platforms are changing what it means to be an idol

Fandom has changed a lot since I was a kid. As a tween, I had.

Do engineers prefer to work from home or in the office? One expert explains

Working at home has its advantages, but office collaboration is important, too. Here’s what engineers.

PSA: You might want to avoid the gobs of Halo Infinite spoilers Microsoft just leaked

If you’re invested in the story of Master Chief, Cortana, and the fate of the.

This ethical hacking course could give your cybersecurity career a boost

Move up in the profitable field of cybersecurity by improving your ethical hacking skills. Image:.

What to expect from Microsoft Edge in Windows 11

Between the new widget menu that only opens web pages instead of apps, and IE.

The Mark Cuban-founded audio app Fireside is asking its own users to invest

The Mark Cuban-funded and co-founded audio app Fireside has yet to publicly launch, but already.

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These 15 coding classes teach you how to build websites and mobile apps

These online training courses also cover the fundamentals about programming languages, including Python, Java and.

Dish adds HBO Max and will now offer HBO and Cinemax

Following a prolonged standoff between Dish Network and AT&T over licensing terms to carry HBO.

AWS is retiring EC2-Classic soon: Here’s what you need to know

Migration tools are available, but most EC2 customers won’t be impacted, said Gartner researcher. Image:.