Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100 Hampered by Tax-Hike Talks, Archegos Block Sales

Archegos Margin Call, Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, Tax Hikes, Infrastructure Package – Talking Points: Equity.

S&P 500 May Face Volatility Into Quarter End, But Momentum Favors Upside

S&P 500, Mystery Block Seller, Quarter-end, Chinese Industrial Profits – Talking Points Wall Street investors.

US Inflation Data to Trigger USD/CAD Downtrend?

Canadian Dollar, USD/CAD, Bank of Canada, Crude Oil, Core PCE Index – Talking Points: Equity.

Mexican Peso Gains on Banxico Rate Hold, Sending USD/MXN Towards Key Support

Bank of Mexico, USD/MXN, Suez Canal, Wall Street – Talking Points Wall Street ticks higher.

BTCUSD Four Hour Price Chart
Bitcoin Blindsided by Ban Warning from Dalio, BTC Near Key Support

Bitcoin, BTC/USD Talking Points: Bitcoin had a bad day yesterday as BTC/USD slid from above.

Dow Jones, Russell 2000 Probing Key Support as Reopening Trade Unwinds

Dow Jones, Russell 2000, Federal Reserve, Coronavirus Vaccinations, Covid-19 Hospitalizations – Talking Points: Equity markets.

NZD/USD Selloff May Continue as Vaccine Rollout Issues, Geopolitical Risks Rise

New Zealand Dollar, NZD/USD, Treasury Auction, North Korea – Talking Points US stocks add to.

Top Trading Opportunities in 2021
US Dollar to Four-Month-Highs: EUR/USD, USD/CAD

US Dollar, EUR/USD, USD/CAD Talking Points: The US Dollar continues to show strength, setting a.

Demand for Havens to Fuel USD Rebound

US Dollar, DXY, Haven Demand, Covid-19 Vaccine Delay, European Lockdowns – Talking Points: Risk assets.

AUD/USD Drops as Vaccine-Induced Worries Plague Economic Reopening Hopes

Australian Dollar, AUD/USD, Vaccines, AstraZeneca – Talking Points AstraZeneca road bump injects fear into markets.