Carrie Symonds wedding dress: ‘Divine’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘Jenny in Forest Gump’ – response

One said: “ALL politics aside, Carrie Symonds wedding dress was divine.”

“The bride looks utterly stunning – the dress is beautiful – and her husband totally smitten. Good luck to the pair of them,” another wrote.

A number of people made comparisons to another famous wedding dress, the one worn in Forrest Gump.

Jenny, Forrest’s love interest, was the ultimate hippie bride, also going barefoot for the movie wedding.

Jenny is a free spirit at heart, her character epitomises the 70s hippie, living in San Francisco, experimenting with drugs and participating in the anti-Vietnam war protests.

Jenny also wore a whimsical flower crown to marry Forrest at the fictional wedding.

One Twitter user wrote: “Her outfit reminds me very much of Forrest Gump’s wife (and I don’t mean that in a nasty way).

“The other photo Carrie is barefoot too, like Jenny. Maybe it’s her favourite film too.”

One wrote: “Now, I ain’t being nasty, but on first viewing is Carrie’s dress the one worn by Jenny in Forest Gump? #BorisAndCarrie.”

One called the look “Forrest Gump cosplay” noting the “heavy floral crown, 70s style dress, bare feet.”

The look wasn’t for everyone though.

One wrote: “‘Barefoot’ boho. Yawn. #Carrie.”

The look also compared the dress to a horror film, Midsommar by Ari Aster.

The cinematic masterpiece sees American tourists visit a Swedish town for a festival.

One wrote: “Carrie is giving strong Midsommar vibes here.”

“Carrie Symonds in Midsommar fancy dress,” one said.

Another namechecked a different pagan horror flick.

They said: “Can’t work out whether Carrie Johnson née Symonds’s garb was more Wicker Man or Midsommar.”

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