Camilla shuns popular style the late Queen was ‘not a fan’ of – but Kate loves it

The Royal Family have access to some of the most incredible clothing in the world, however each royal tends to have their own signature style. Personal stylist and image coach Melissa Lund spoke exclusively to about why Queen Camilla refuses to wear trousers.

Queen Camilla previously shunned getting her ears pierced, telling Vogue that “nothing” was going to pierce her ears.

However, she seems to be equally particular about a popular item of clothing.

According to Melissa, the Queen Consort hardly ever steps out in trousers, much like the late Queen Elizabeth II – but why?

The expert stated: “I don’t think the royals really follow trends, although the younger royals (and I’ll count the Princess of Wales in this group) try to look fashionable. 

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“They do, however, seem keen to build a signature style.”

While Kate’s signature style is slim-cut tailoring, and then the Queen’s was matching bold hats and coats, Camilla is definitely partial to a coat dress.

One item that Camilla seems to fiercely stay away from is trousers – but why is this?

Melissa stated: “I have no idea whether this is because she thinks she doesn’t look good in them or she feels that they’re not appropriate.


“The late Queen was not a fan of women in trousers and although this wasn’t a rule as such, it was certainly her preference that the women in the Royal Family didn’t wear them.”

During her 70-year reign, the Queen was spotted wearing trousers fewer than 10 times, so it is possible that this has rubbed off on Camilla.

However, “both Meghan and Kate ignored this advice”, Melissa stated.

She continued: “Kate Middleton is quite a fan of trousers, although she has only just moved on from skinny styles to more fashion forward high waist wide-leg styles.”

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But Melissa believes that Camilla could rock a pair of trousers should she choose to – as long as they were a specific style.

The expert explained: “A slim cut (but not skinny) style would work well under the coat dresses that she likes.

“This look is very Armani – chic, understated and suitable for all ages. It would be a good option for her and would update her look.

“She has in fact already tried this look attending a Gurkha reception at Edinburgh Palace in November 2017.”

Camilla did nod to this style with an emerald ensemble during a reception to celebrate the British Asian Trust earlier this year.

However, overall she has rather neglected the look and could “do it more often”, Melissa suggested.

Another trouser style that would flatter Camilla, according to the expert, is a fitted trouser suit and silk top underneath.

To keep things “contemporary” alongside this classic style, the royal could accessorise with a pair of high heels and a clutch.

However, wide leg and high waisted trousers might be a “step too far” for the Queen Consort.

Melissa explained that this might not work as these are best paired with “very high heels and a fitted top or jacket”.

“The aim is to have volume in one area of the body -i.e. the bottom half – and not in the other half. Volume in both halves doesn’t work on anyone!”

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