Camilla’s diamond and emerald brooch was once worn by Princess Diana

Camilla Parker Bowles has an impressive collection of tiaras, necklaces, brooches, earrings and rings at her disposal – including her own family pieces and personal love tokens from her husband Prince Charles. To add to this, there is the Crown Jewels collection from which the Duchess of Cornwall has borrowed pieces. But one item royal fans didn’t expect Camilla to wear was one of Princess Diana’s necklaces – which has been transformed into a brooch for the Duchess.  

Over the years, Camilla has been seen regularly wearing jewellery that once belonged to Prince Charles’ beloved grandmother, the Queen Mother, which were moved to the Royal Collection after the royal’s death in 2002.

But on three occasions over the past two decades, Camilla chosen an antique emerald brooch. 

The diamond and emerald heirloom was originally a necklace which belonged to Queen Alexandra in 1863. 

The Queen Mother then passed it down to Princess Diana in 1981 and she was pictured wearing it when attending a gala at the Vienna Burgh Theatre du during a visit to Austria in 1986.

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They said: “This incredible brooch looks like it features around four carats of white diamonds, not to mention a stunning three carat Cabochon green emerald pendant. 

“Although the brooch was once a necklace worn by Princess Diana, the alteration wouldn’t have much effect on the value of the royal piece, especially if it was recently redesigned.”

The fact that is has been worn by both Diana and Camilla means the piece is more valuable. 

The spokesperson added: “As this is a royal jewel worn by not one, but two, members of the royal family, it probably has an estimated value of around £100,000 thanks to its legacy. 

“Whether the piece is worn by Camilla or Diana it will still retain an incredibly high value, which is no surprise due to the carats, colour, and clarity of the stones used in the piece being such high quality,” they added. 

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