Camilla Parker Bowles: Duchess’ ‘unusual’ earrings have special meanings

Whether it is to represent a relationship with a country or a person who is dear to them, members of the Royal Family often wear jewels with hidden meanings, and Camilla is no different. Although subtle, the earrings she wears to royal engagements almost always have a special significance, including a new pair, seen for the first time last week.

“In the case of these earrings, they seem to be of hammered gold, stylised fish design, somewhat in the style of the jeweller Lalaounis.

“Being of just gold and not gem set would suggest they are for daywear.”

Camilla has often been called stylish and even a trend-setter thanks to her increasingly fashion-forward outfits, and these fish-shaped earrings are also “bang on trend”, according to the experts.

They said: “Large drop style earrings are the absolute height of fashion so they are bang on trend.”

Nick Withington, the Managing Director of jewellers William May, also commented on Camilla’s unique fish earrings.

He noted that Camilla is a fan of animal motifs when it comes to fashion, as she has also been seen wearing elephant-shaped earrings.

Fittingly, Camilla wore the silver dangling elephant earrings with a jungle print dress in July this year.

Mr Withington said: “These unusual, statement hammered yellow gold earrings, with the shape of a stylised fish, look very Indian in design.

“The Duchess of course has visited India with Prince Charles and has close links to India through her late brother, Mark Shand, who founded the Elephant Family conservation charity.

“Camilla has also been seen wearing silver drop earrings featuring elephants, which are also a nod to her brother’s amazing life and work.

“Such earrings show Camilla’s personal taste and family ties.”

Estimating the value of the earrings, Mr Withington added: “It is often the case that the most treasured pieces of family jewellery are worn out of love and sentiment, rather than their high value.

“If these gold earrings have been made from 18 carat or even 24 carat gold, they would easily be worth several thousand pounds.

“But they could well be made from gold vermeil, which is a fraction of the price of solid gold – most likely a few hundred pounds – and would be lighter too, so more comfortable to wear as earrings.”

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