Camilla Parker Bowles: Duchess of Cornwall with Kate Middleton’s children ‘wary-looking’

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles married in 2005, although the pair have been friends for decades beforehand. In her marriage, she was given the role of Duchess, future Queen, and stepgrandmother.

Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, married in 2001, so Camilla has always been a part of their children’s lives.

What is the Duchess of Cornwall’s body language like with her stepson’s children?

An expert analysed images for She gave her professional opinion on how she thinks Camilla is doing in the role.

Judi James told Express: “The role of step-grandmother can always be a tricky one and, given Camilla’s history with George, Charlotte and Louis’s real grandma Diana, it must have been more difficult to navigate than most.”

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Judi said: “It looks as though a natural nurturing response has kicked in here for Camilla as little George looks about to try to clamber up onto the balcony.

“Holding her arm out like this does suggest she’s keeping an eye out in terms of safety and the gesture looks like one of spontaneous caution.

“This air of keeping a granny-eye on the children doesn’t seem to be something Camilla has learned from Charles, who leans back with a bit of a puzzled-looking frown as his wife steps up to take charge here.”

Camilla does have biological grandchildren of her own.

The Duchess was previously married to Andrew Parker Bowles, whom she was married to from 1973 to 1995.

They had two children, Tom Parker Bowles, 46, and Laura Lopes, 43.

Laura has three children and Tom has two.

In total Camilla has five biological grandchildren and four step-grandchildren with one on the way.

Camilla wore a tartan coat for a royal engagement, the first in-person engagement of this year. 

She joined the Duke of Cornwall, to thank volunteers for undertaking clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Camilla stepped out in a vibrant coat with pops of electric blue, black and red.

The tartan number also featured a navy velvet collar and pockets.

According to a relationship expert, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ key to success in love is “shared interests”. /life-style/life/1381550/camilla-parker-bowles-prince-charles-news

An international dating and relationship coach, Sami Wunder, gave an insight into why the couple is so in love and has such longevity to their relationship.

Sami Wunder told the key to this couple’s success is “shared interests”.

She explained: “You can see them being so in love, always having these inside jokes and the fun they have together when they work together.”

From a young age, before they even met, the pair had a lot in common.

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