Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s ‘delightful’ £16,000 brooch has rich history

Although her entry into the Royal Family wasn’t the easiest, the Duchess has become an increasingly popular royal in recent years.

As well as assisting Prince Charles in his duties, she is also patron and a member of numerous charities and organisations. 

For today’s video on the royal’s social media page, viewers joined Camilla sat in her chair where she spoke about the hopes of her new project.

She has already attracted more than 84,000 people to her page, where four recommended books will be unveiled each season, with the first four out on Friday.

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According to one expert, it also comes with rich history.

Speaking to, Mark Warr, Director of David Christopher Jewellers, said: “This is a delightful piece of jewellery. 

“Set within a horseshoe it encompasses four sapphires, three rubies, and the word Minoru spelt out in diamonds. 

“It’s history is thought to date back to 1909; Minoru was one of King Edward VII’s most successful thoroughbred racehorses and this was likely designed to bring him luck.”

The Duchess previously wore it back in 2019 when she undertook a series of engagements in London including visits to the Malmesbury Residents Association and an Age UK Lunch Club.

According to the jewellery expert it could also come with a huge price tag.

He explained: “It’s hard to evaluate such an item, without the history I would suggest £13,000 – £16,000, however with it’s back story we would expect it to sell for significantly more were it ever to reach the open market.”

For the piece to camera, the Duchess pinned the brooch onto a navy sleeveless top with a chiffon cream blouse underneath.

The blouse featured large colours with buttons down the middle. 

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