Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has ‘unusual’ animal earrings – ‘showing her personal taste’

The Duchess of Cornwall has an impressive jewellery collection, from the gold bracelets she is rarely seen without to the pearl chokers she has previously donned to the most formal occasions. Last year, Camilla was seen wearing earrings in the shape of animals. A unique choice, what does this tell royal fans about the Duchess?

It is no secret Camilla Parker Bowles enjoys wearing animal prints.

Last year, she was pictured wearing a leopard print mask and, more than once, she opted to wear a stylish jungle print dress.

On three occasions during the summer, Camilla wore a turquoise dress covered in images of toucans and ring-tailed lemurs.

Animal print is an on-trend pattern, but is rarely seen on members of the Royal Family.

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What’s more, Camilla also has a penchant for animal-themed earrings.

In July last year, the Duchess matched her jungle print dress with a pair of silver dangling earrings.

Jewellery experts have noted these jewels may be a nod to Camilla’s brother’s work, who founded an elephant conservation charity, called Elephant Family.

Nick Withington, the managing director of jewellers William May said: “Camilla has been seen wearing silver drop earrings featuring elephants, which are also a nod to her brother’s amazing life and work.


“Such earrings show Camilla’s personal taste and family ties.”

Other animal-shaped earrings that may reflect the Duchess’ personality is a pair she wore in October 2021 while giving a speech about sexual assault, ahead of London’s Shameless! Festival.

Camilla matched her long black dress with a pair of gold, dangling earrings in the shape of fish.

Although it is not clear where the earrings are from, experts from jewellers H&T said: “These earrings seem to be of a hammered gold, stylised fish design, somewhat in the shape of the jeweller Lalaounis.

Mr Withington of William May also commented on Camilla’s unique earrings.

He said: “These unusual, statement hammered yellow gold earrings, with the shape of a stylised fish, look very Indian in design.”

The managing director estimated the jewels’ price too, saying: “If these gold earrings have been made from 18 carat or even 24 carat gold, they would easily be worth several thousand pounds.

“But they could well be made from gold vermeil, which is a fraction of the price of solid gold – most likely a few hundred pounds – and would be lighter too, so more comfortable to wear as earrings.”

He added: “Camilla is very much showing her personal taste with these earrings, which I have to say do look fabulous on her.”

Personal stylist Samantha Harman agreed that the Duchess of Cornwall “has a strong sense of her personal taste”.

She said: “Camilla comes across as a woman who really knows who she is and what she likes.

“And, particularly over the last couple of years, she has worn some amazing, fashion-forward pieces.”

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