Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: Body language shows ‘high levels of anxiety’

“This perfectly defines the kind of complementary relationship that might not be for everyone but which works for both Charles and Camilla.

“Any more intimate signals tend to be reserved for the kind of official photos they have taken for birthdays and anniversaries and in these we do get a glimpse of a much more openly fond relationship as Camilla relaxes and switches out of her more formal royal role.”

Recent pictures of the couple show Charles a few feet in front of Camilla at all times.

Judi explained: “Charles usually pulls rank when he appears with Camilla, walking and posing slightly ahead of her and rarely referencing her or communicating with her openly in a way that would suggest she is one half of a very equal royal double act.

“William and Kate are like peas in a pod in terms of their power, status and performance signals and Sophie and Edward seem to have settled into a balance where Sophie tends to take the lead.

“The set-up might sound unfair and even old-fashioned in this era of sexuality equality but all Camilla and Charles’ body language cues together suggest it suits them both perfectly.”

According to the expert, the Duchess’ body language shows support towards Charles when they are together.

Judi concluded: “Her gestures show signs of support and flattery and her attentive signals are prompted primarily by Charles rather than the cameras or even their hosts.”

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