Bruce Willis moonlighting with Marilyn? New AI tech could make it possible! | Films | Entertainment

Bruce Willis could star alongside Marilyn Monroe in a new Hollywood blockbuster thanks to mind-blowing advances in artificial intelligence.

Movie actors past and present can now star on screen together without stepping in front of a camera, as revealed in a new documentary Tech To The Future.

Die Hard star Willis, 67, is the first Hollywood star to sell his rights to the Georgia-based tech firm Deepcake, allowing his moving and talking image to be used in films, TV or commercials.

This groundbreaking contract paves the way for deceased stars to be brought back to life.

Willis has already “starred” in a Russian phone advert, with engineers attaching his digitally-created head to a human body double.

Documentary director Sandro Monetti feels the development will change the face of Hollywood forever, with Deepcake aiming to become the biggest global talent agency.

He said: “They are thinking bigger than just using this tech for cool Instagram reels.

“Deepcake wants a large slice of the Hollywood money pie – and if it can get the rights to stars living and dead, they might well get it.

“This development upends the film industry – it’s not a death knell for current stars but a new opportunity.

“Actors of today now have the chance to share the screen with classic idols like Cary Grant or Marilyn Monroe. If this tech had been available just a bit earlier, we could have seen Elvis in his own biopic.”

Engineers can create AI versions of human beings in just five days through film and audio capture, ready to insert into films, TV shows and games.

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