British Council announces Creative Economies Scholarships for students, young professionals

The British Council has announced a new Creative Economies Scholarship programme. Under this, the Council will provide 10 scholarships to students and young professionals from India to pursue postgraduate studies at four UK universities that provide culture policy and arts management programmes.

Applicants interested in this programme may apply for the scholarship directly with the four participating universities which include King’s College London, University of Glasgow, Birmingham City University, and Goldsmiths University of London.

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Eligibility for scholarship:

— Resident Indian citizens

— Students or working professionals

— Can demonstrate interest or experience in related areas

— Have an undergraduate degree

— Can take up a full-time course in the UK from September/October 2021-22 for the period of one year

— Applicants with a background in creative arts who can demonstrate the need for financial assistance are encouraged to apply.

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Where to apply:

Interested students/professionals can apply at the below mentioned links:

Successful applicants will be provided with financial support and will have opportunities to network and develop important industry connections. The universities will provide pastoral care in addition to adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines of the UK government regarding non-healthcare settings such as campuses and other student facilities.

Interested applicants may visit the official British Council website for more information on the Creative Economies Scholarship programme-

Research conducted by the British Council, FICCI, and the Art X company shows that due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, 16% of the creative economy sector in India has permanently closed. Therefore it is imperative that the creative sector is strengthened through long-term government policy and arts management skills. The Creative Economies Scholarship programme offers the opportunity to individuals to develop skills as leaders, managers and policymakers of the future.

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