Brian May’s backstage clip for Adam Lambert doubters ‘So worthy to follow Freddie Mercury | Music | Entertainment

Queen and Adam Lambert are now eight shows into their 10 day residency of London’s The O2 and Brian May keeps sharing highlights on his social media. The rock legend has always been an enthusiastic advocate for Adam Lambert’s amazing singing voice as he collaborates with Queen in the live shows. However, not everyone thinks he’s worthy of performing Freddie Mercury’s vocals, something Brian is keen to prove is far from the case.

Over the weekend, Brian posted a TikTok clip of the band’s collaborator singing as he applied his makeup for a Queen and Adam Lambert concert.

The almost 75-year-old captioned the post: “Here’s Our Boy preparing for one of our current shows at the London Arena. I’m re-posting this because I want anyone out there who ISN’T an Adam Lambert fan to see it. And now perhaps you’ll see the soul and pure talent behind what you perhaps thought was just all Glam and Pzazz. And understand why he was so worthy and able to take on such a task with us Old Boys … The rest of you folks …? Well, you knew it all along, of course !! Right ?! Ouch ! So proud to work with this man. Check him out at @adamlambert. Cheers ! Bri.”

After having Sunday off, Queen and Adam Lambert return to The O2 tonight for their penultimate UK show of the tour, with the final tomorrow night.

After that, they’ll be heading off to mainland Europe, starting with Berlin, Germany on June 24 and finishing at Tampere, Finland on July 25.

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